RENEWED HOPE COUNSELING team is made up of numerous people from many different backgrounds that have accepted the special calling of health care. From mental health professionals, to housekeepers and clerical staff, everyone at RENEWED HOPE COUNSELING is part of an extended, caring family.  Customer service is an integral part of RENEWED HOPE COUNSELING mission. As we strive to provide an excellent service to our clients, we also emphasise the importance of customer service between each other. It is all part of our people-oriented mission.


Renewed Hope Counseling Team-

Deb Rush - I am a wellness oriented provider; I do not view my clients as ill but rather as unique. I believe in the recovery model rather than the medical model; this focuses on being the best you can be rather than focusing on a "cure" for illness. I believe in the least amount of medication, for the shortest amount of time to maintain the highest quality of life. The patient is at the center of their plan and treatment must be collaborative between patent and provider. I am here to make a difference.